Feintool Technology Forum 2021


Feintool Technology Forum 2021

The first webinar of the three-part Feintool Technology Forum took place this week. The digital event series focuses on Feintool's latest generation of presses and how they pave the way for forward-looking solutions in high-tech production. Markus Schaltegger, Head of Fineblanking Technology, and Andreas Walther, Head of Product Development, provided revealing insights to around one hundred invited guests.

We master the key technologies

Electromobility is picking up speed - the market is changing and with it the technologies.  Our core competencies of fineblanking, forming and electrical sheet stamping are paving the way for the change to e-mobility. We have mastered the engineering and manufacture of high-precision rotor and stator packs for electric motors as well as bipolar plates for fuel cells "à fond". With the FB one series, we have taken fineblanking technology to a new level. It cuts high-precision components that meet the highest technological and economic standards. The FB one is our technological response to a changing market - to the challenges of tomorrow.

The jolt on the ball

The FB one combines the best of all presses we have ever built. 4,000 to 11,000 kilonewtons of total force, up to 100 strokes per minute and ram acceleration extrapolated to the upper limit. The jolt (which is the first derivative of acceleration with respect to time) of the machine has been optimized, as has the cutting shock absorption. The FB one conserves resources, has a modular design, is ergonomic to operate, and can be fully integrated into digital production control. With the FB one, fineblanking technology reaches a new performance class. More powerful, more precise and more profitable - an investment in the future.

Detailed information about the FB one