National Future Day 2019: UFO drones at the technology center of Feintool


The 14th of November was dedicated to the youth: On the National Future Day, schoolkids were given a glimpse into the world of Feintool.

"It is important for us to support young people (...) in shaping their future and to open up new horizons for them,” said Feintool CEO Knut Zimmer after last year's Future Day. This opportunity was also actively used by the girls and boys in 5th to 7th grade who accompanied their mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles to work. A total of 17 children were present at the Lyss and Jona plants on 14 November.

After getting to know each other and a short tour of the Lyss premises – more precisely the parts production and the technology center – the children set to work themselves. For example, they were able to work on a metallic key ring – such as a seahorse, a shark or a bear – in the training workshop under the supervision of toolmaker trainer Lukas Bickel. "Then the children also have a souvenir that they can take home with them,” Bickel explains the idea behind it. That seemed to please, as one of the visitors said: "It's cool, also because it's something different.”

After lunch and then one floor up, the children were able to create various models using CAD software with constructing engineer trainer Christian L'Heureux. "We can't show our everyday work because it's too complex. However, we can show the children what is possible with CAD,” says L'Heureux. Almost all of today's products would initially be created using such software, which is why there were no limits to the children's creativity: In addition to a UFO drone, a trumpet mouthpiece and an aircraft part were also designed. "It's great because you can be creative”, said one of the visitors.

The day at the press competence center in Jona was also packed with varied activities. After a short talk, Flavio Schmid, automation technician apprentice, explained the finer points of fineblanking to the children and, in a short portrait, the exciting field of work in the automation profession. Throughout the day, the children had the opportunity to solder small kits, such as flashing Christmas trees or the like, under supervision in the "Workshop Future Day". Between the stays in the workshop, the children spent the time with their relatives, if possible.

The Future Day 2019 finally came to an end. The children were given an impression of what belongs to the exciting world of Feintool technology - and perhaps even new horizons were opened for them.