Feintool in Ohrdruf: more competencies under one roof


Fineblanked and formed parts are becoming lighter and smaller. At the same time, the demands on their strength are increasing. Likewise, the demand for procedures that improve their performance have increased over the past few years accordingly. For instance, in order to temper surfaces further, Feintool offers heat treatment processes using its own equipment – for example at our forming plant in Ohrdruf, Germany.

Here, our tempering expertise is built up and expanded. Now, we no longer only manufacture formed parts, but these can also be processed directly on-site and delivered to the customer ready for assembly.

Our location in Ohrdruf has a great growth potential thanks to well-trained staff, state-of-the-art machinery and scope for physical expansion. Feintool took advantage of this initial position and built a completely new hardening centre in Ohrdruf. For this purpose, a new factory building was built, plasma and gas furnaces were purchased and processes were automated. In addition, 12 job positions have been created, which are now being filled in the near future.

The heat treatment has started successfully and further processing steps on the parts are being implemented. Overall, according to the prognosis for Ohrdruf, approximately four million formed parts every year have to undergo the so-called “nitriding process” in a plasma or gas furnace after production. In Ohrdruf alone, up to 70% of the formed parts will be treated directly at the plant for the foreseeable future.

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