Strategies of a fineblanked components supplier at the 10th Blanking Technique Convention


Stefan Walther, Head of Strategic Planning and Business Development of the Feintool Group, spoke about the strategy of a fineblanked components supplier in the context of the radical changes in the mobility sector. In this connection, he talked about the megatrends in the automobile industry, in particular about e-mobility, autonomous driving, shared mobility, production and product digitization, sustainability, and large quantities in high quality. Feintool's strategic focus is on expanding its existing business on the one hand, while on the other hand, existing and new alternative applications are being expanded, which is opening up new business areas for Feintool. In new projects with suppliers, customers and research partners, Feintool is developing ways of using fineblanking technology for new and innovative components such as fuel cells.

At the Exhibition booth, many fineblanked components could be examined more closely and the visitors were able to convince themselves of the advantages of fineblanking. There were also interesting discussions about fineblanking with Markus Schaltegger, Head of the Fineblanking Technology Segment, and Key Account Managers Franz Jurt and Patrick Vonmüllenen.

The congress was a fascinating source of information for the more than 250 participants. At the same time, it offered executives and experts from production, development, construction and management a platform for sharing experiences.