Feintool Expands Engineering and Sales Team in Detroit


“Detroit remains the heart of the American auto industry and Feintool wants to close the gap between our headquarters in Cincinnati and the automotive engineering centers that we serve,” said Lars Reich, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Feintool U.S. Operations Inc.  “We’ve always had some of our sales and engineering teams in Detroit, but now we are expanding to better serve our customers locally.”

The growing Feintool U.S. office is led by Scott Nelson, director of new business development, and Tony Childs, new business development manager. Nelson and Childs have extensive fineblanking and forming expertise in addition to in-depth experience working with auto companies in the Detroit area. Nelson previously was president of a major automotive components supplier.

“We’re extremely excited to be so close to our customer base for research and development and purchasing,” Nelson said.

The new Feintool office is located at 39209 Six Mile Road, Suite 208, in Livonia.

About Feintool USA

Feintool USA operates specialized production plants, including one near Cincinnati to produce automotive seating components, and another in Nashville, Tennessee, to manufacture components for automotive drivetrains. Feintool’s fineblanked parts services provide a cost-effective means for automotive companies to acquire high volumes of extremely precise stamped parts to the automotive and medical industries. Cold forming enables complex part geometries to be manufactured in a single operation without having to use additional mechanical processes or secondary processing.