Scherdel Feinschneidtechnik, Germany


Fineblanking press XFT 2500 speed with option 300t

The XFT 2500speed already fulfills many of the demands placed on modern fineblanking presses. Now Feintool is creating additional reserves and has optimized the press for a parts thickness of up to eight Millimeters.

The goal

  • An additional servo press to expand the production capacities at our location in Chemnitz
  • Best possible compatibility of tools on hand
  • Increase of press force from 250 to 300 tons for thicker materials where appropriate

The Feintool Solution

  • The servo press XFT 2500speed
  • Modified shafts and bearings in the knuckle joint make important power reserves and up to 300 tons of total power possible
  • Evaluation of performance data using FEINmonitoring

Depending on the part and the complexity, the XFT 2500speed replaces two or three of our old presses.

Norbert Pechstein, strategic process planner, Scherdel Feinschneidtechnik GmbH

The success

  • 300 instead of 250 tons of total power
  • 5 to 140 strokes per minute
  • 70mm ram stroke
  • Increased tool mounting space
  • Compatible with existing tools for GKP and MFA presses
  • Tool switch done within minutes
  • Lower energy consumption