iwis Antriebstechnik GmbH, Munich


Toothed chain links for sprockets

In 100 years, iwis has become a global technology leader in the field of chain systems. Its products are used in almost all cars in the world – including chain links and sprockets from Feintool.

The goal

The development of toothed chain links that iwis increasingly uses for its chains – on the one hand to decrease wear, on the other to make the chains more quiet. The challenge: They are very small – and on top of that they are also thick. Both these factors make it difficult to employ the fineblanking process.

The Feintool solution

The wall size/width ratio makes it almost impossible to achieve a high smooth-cut ratio. In the end, the Feintool team found a unique solution with the right mix of material, coating, and tool construction that allows the toothed chain links to be produced cost-effectively.

Feintool really moved mountains.

Statement by Horst Stumpe, managing director, iwis Antriebstechnik GmbH

The success

  • Product quality of 0 ppm
  • High part precision through servo drive
  • Tool life doubled
  • OEE of more than 80 percent