EM Motive


Rotors and support flanges for hybrid transmissions

With increasing electrification, the automotive and supplier markets will change. Hybrid or electric drive vehicles need different components than vehicles with an internal combustion engine. Thanks to a project lasting many years with electric drive specialists at EM-motive, Feintool is already well established in this field.

The goal

A rotor and the corresponding support flanges are important components of a hybrid transmission. They form the housing for an electric motor in which strong magnetic fields develop during operation. The residual contamination requirements are therefore high; every metal chip left behind could be harmful. Additionally, the smallest tolerance allowed amounts to eight micrometers. The forming specialists from Feintool in Obertshausen rose to this challenge.

The Feintool Solution

  • Combination of sheet metal forming, laser welding and subsequent cutting in fully automated CNC turning and milling centers.
  • Fully automated deburring system
  • Ultrasound washing facility
  • Powerful automatic measuring device: all the measured values are assigned to each component and archived by means of a data matrix code

The team from Feintool Obertshausen has further developed both our project and themselves in an absolutely positive manner.

Frank Platten, Head of Purchasing

The success

  • Combination of forming and cutting
  • Weight and production time are reduced after a simplification of the parts geometry
  • Reliable quality control

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