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We create value

Feintool covers the entire fineblanking process, from component design and tool construction to system engineering and large-scale parts manufacturing. Furthermore, the group uses other key processes such as cold forming and electrolamination stamping. In addition to financial resources, tangible assets, raw materials, and components, added value is primarily created through the knowledge and expertise of our employees, who continuously upskill and expand their qualifications.

As the only full-service provider in the worldwide fineblanking and forming market, we offer our customers a compelling advantage – we combine global services with local support to create a product and service package that is tailored to their specific requirements and needs. Feintool offers premium quality and maintains lasting customer relationships based on precision, reliability, and mutual trust.

In addition, we also add value along the supply chain and in the 16 locations where the group operates around the world. In 2020, the Feintool companies paid a total of 2.0 million Swiss francs in taxes.

Sustainable investments secure growth

After years of growth, 2020 was a challenging year for the Feintool Group. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has created additional uncertainties. The complex negative market trends around the world have been accompanied by additional global trends and coincide with a transformation process in the automotive industry.

This also affected Feintool’s business performance in the period from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020, with consolidated sales falling by 22.2 percent to 492 million Swiss francs. Operating earnings (EBIT) totaled 3 million Swiss francs. The company experienced declines in the United States and Europe, as well as in the presses and systems segment. On the other hand, business in Asia grew by around 10 percent. The latest financial reports are available here.

We have prepared ourselves for an uncertain market environment and are systematically pursuing a long-term, i.e. sustainable, growth strategy, the central drivers of which are investments in employee training, in research and technical innovations that conserve resources, in efficient production, and in cultivating strategic partnerships. 90 percent of our activities in support of sustainable business practices generate a financial return for the company.

Sustainable innovations

FB one: a fineblanking press in a class of its own 

When designing the new FB one press generation, we realigned numerous functional details with each other. The result is a high-tech production system that opens up previously unattainable technical, process-related, and economical advantages. The new process-optimized hydraulic direct drive makes shorter cycle times and higher stroke rates with reduced energy consumption possible. The new press reduces oil consumption by about half and slows down oil aging. Thanks to the 30 percent decrease in energy consumption, manufacturing can be carried out in a higher efficiency class.

Our research partners


As a listed company, Feintool undertakes to report any significant changes in and relating to its business development. Feintool maintains close contact with shareholders, media and investors, and holds at least two media conferences every year. At least once a year, Feintool also offers the financial community an opportunity to experience the business first-hand at one of its production locations.

Shareholders of Feintool International Holding AG are regularly provided with important updates via shareholder letters, and can receive annual and semiannual reports on request. Through this active communication with all stakeholders, Feintool builds confidence in the company over the long term.

Risk Management

Our business activities stand out for their cost-effectiveness, precision and innovation, quality, and commitment to an environment worth living in. Our risk, quality, and safety management activities are closely linked to our commitment to sustainability.