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We think for the long term and operate with flexibility

Feintool is committed to sustainable growth and our market and product strategy is designed for the long term. This strategy is organized around three key elements: market leadership in technological development, expansion into attractive markets, and optimization of internal processes.

We primarily supply the automotive industry with our processes and precision components via high-volume series production. This market is undergoing a far-reaching transformation process that is driven by megatrends including alternative drive systems, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and networking. In addition, environmental awareness and therefore the demands for sustainable mobility solutions – and with them, the regulatory requirements – have increased worldwide. Last but not least, the market environment is shaped by political uncertainties and still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are responding to these challenges with flexible solutions adapted to regional markets and their respective mix of drive systemsIn this context, we act as a project and development partner in the areas of lightweight construction/sustainability, module variations/platforms, and alternative drive concepts such as hybrid and electric drives.


CEO interview: "We view transformation as an opportunity"


Risk management (link)

Our business activities stand out for their cost-effectiveness, precision and innovation, quality, and commitment to an environment worth living in. Our risk, quality, and safety management are closely linked to our commitment to sustainability.


Corporate culture (link)

Feintool’s corporate culture has evolved and thrives. In this context, our Code of Conduct forms the basis for respectful collaboration both within the company and externally in our relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers – and applies worldwide.