Success stories

We want to get you on the road to success. Just how good are we? Take a look at these examples.

Scherdel Feinschneidtechnik, Germany

The XFT 2500speed already fulfills many of the demands placed on modern fineblanking presses. Now Feintool is creating additional reserves and has optimized the press for a parts thickness of up to eight Millimeters.

The goal

  • An additional servo press to expand the production capacities at our location in Chemnitz
  • Best possible compatibility of tools on hand
  • Increase of press force from 250 to 300 tons for thicker materials where appropriate

The Feintool Solution

  • The new servo press XFT 2500speed
  • Modified shafts and bearings in the knuckle joint make important power reserves and up to 300 tons of total power possible
  • Evaluation of performance data using FEINmonitoring

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Customer benefits at a glance

  • 300 instead of 250 tons of total power
  • 5 to 140 strokes per minute
  • 70mm ram stroke
  • Increased tool mounting space
  • Compatible with existing tools for GKP and MFA presses
  • Tool switch done within minutes
  • Lower energy consumption

Norbert Pechstein, strategic process planner, Scherdel Feinschneidtechnik GmbH:

Depending on the part and the complexity, the XFT 2500speed replaces two or three of our old presses.

EM-Motive, Germany

With increasing electrification, the automotive and supplier markets will change.
Hybrid or electric drive vehicles need different components than vehicles with an internal combustion engine. Thanks to a project lasting many years with electric drive specialists at EM-motive, Feintool is already well established in this field.


The goal:
A rotor and the corresponding support flanges are important components of a hybrid transmission. They form the housing for an electric motor in which strong magnetic fields develop during operation. The residual contamination requirements are therefore high; every metal chip left behind could be harmful. Additionally, the smallest tolerance allowed amounts to eight micrometers. The forming specialists from Feintool in Obertshausen rose to this challenge.

The Feintool solution

  • Combination of sheet metal forming, laser welding and subsequent cutting in fully automated CNC turning and milling centers.
  • Fully automated deburring system
  • Ultrasound washing facility
  • Powerful automatic measuring device: all the measured values are assigned to each component and archived by means of a data matrix code.

Read the whole success story in our customer magazine HORIZONS.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Combination of forming and cutting
  • Weight and production time are reduced after a simplification of the parts geometry
  • Reliable quality control

Frank Platten, Head of Purchasing:

The team from Feintool Obertshausen has further developed both our project and themselves in an absolutely positive manner.

iwis Antriebstechnik GmbH, Munich (Germany)

In 100 years, iwis has become a global technology leader in the field of chain systems. Its products are used in almost all cars in the world – including chain links and sprockets from Feintool.

The goal

The development of toothed chain links that iwis increasingly uses for its chains – on the one hand to decrease wear, on the other to make the chains more quiet. The challenge: They are very small – and on top of that they are also thick. Both these factors make it difficult to employ the fineblanking process.

The Feintool solution

The wall size/width ratio makes it almost impossible to achieve a high smooth-cut ratio. In the end, the Feintool team found a unique solution with the right mix of material, coating, and tool construction that allows the toothed chain links to be produced cost-effectively.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Product quality of 0 ppm
  • High part precision through servo drive
  • Tool life doubled
  • OEE of more than 80 percent

Statement by Horst Stumpe, managing director, iwis Antriebstechnik GmbH: 

Feintool really moved mountains.

Adient, Rockhausen (Germany)

The automotive supplier is taking the production of seat adjusters to the next level –

with the help of fineblanking presses from the newest generation and innovative rotation transfer tools from Feintool.

The goal

  • Production of new seat adjustment components with very close tolerances
  • Reduction of weight through light design
  • Faster and more efficient production

The Feintool solution

  • The hydraulic fineblanking press HFA 11000plus with hydraulic power measuring 360 kilowatts and up to 1100 tons of press force
  • A new rotation transfer tool specially designed by Feintool: The slide moves with the parts step by step in a circular path around the center point of the press.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • The fineblanked parts have even more exact edges and dimensions and fulfill the required tolerances
  • The rate of rejects decreases
  • Productivity increases

Torsten Mueller, lead manufacturing engineer, Adient

We have the reserves needed to try a new production process with this state-of-the-art solution.

Yanfeng KSS Automotive (China)

Yanfeng KSS Automotive delivers seat belts to car makers throughout China. For the production of locking arms, the company relies on Feintool. 

The goal

A local production partner in China for the production of locking arms with a fine tooth formation for seat belt systems. Because the product is important for safety, the qualitative demands placed upon it are very high, and it is not easy to find a manufacturer on-site.

The Feintool solution

  • State-of-the-art production facilities in Taicang (China)
  • European production standards
  • Reliable quality controls

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Product quality: Error rate of nearly 0 ppm
  • Expertise: Feintool uses state-of-the-art fineblanking technology and years of experience.
  • Short paths: Taicang is a mere 90 kilometers away from the “car city” of Shanghai.

Wenbin Gao, head of purchasing, Yanfeng KSS Automotive:

We need the functional surfaces to be of top quality. That is precisely what we get from Feintool.

Bosch Transmission Technology B.V., Netherlands

The goal

Bosch Transmission Technology B.V. produces the most complex fineblanked components in the world in Tilburg, the Netherlands: elements for push belts in continuously variable transmissions. Every belt contains more than 400 of these elements. With a market share of over 70 percent of all push belts worldwide, Bosch cuts just under two billion individual elements every year. The plant machines 20 to 25 tons of sheet steel every day. This quantity alone shows how important productivity and OEE are for operations.

The Feintool solution

To further increase output and availability, Bosch Transmission Technology replaced eleven existing MFA 1600 fineblanking presses with ten servomechanical XFT 2500speed fineblanking presses by the start of 2013. With the help of Feintool, this allowed the number of strokes to be increased to 140 strokes per minute. Instead of producing four components per stroke, Bosch now also operates with tools that produce eight components per stroke – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The switch to servomechanical XFT 2500speed presses is ideal for Bosch Transmission Technology’s requirements. The production of the small push belt elements requires high precision. They must be absolutely parallel and symmetrical, which can be managed extremely well using the controllable servo drive in the XFT 2500speed. The result is a product quality of 0 ppm. OEE is also over 80 percent, which is primarily due to the doubling of the tool life from 20,000 to 40,000 parts.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Product quality of 0 ppm
  • High part precision thanks to the servo drive 
  • Tool life doubled
  • OEE of more than 80 percent

Statement by Peter-Paul Mauritsz, Processing Engineer at Bosch Transmission Technology: 

Demand has surged in the past few years
and we had to respond and increase our productivity.

H. u. E. Büschel GmbH, Deutschland

The automotive subcontractor saves oil, energy and above all time – thanks to the innovative oiling system FEINspray for fineblanking systems.

The goal

  • Oiling renewal of a 630-ton press built in 1997

The Feintool solution

  • Retrofit with innovative oiling system FEINspray
  • High-precision system with which the required oil is precisely dosed

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Lower energy consumption
  • 40% less oil consumption
  • Increased efficiency thanks to saved configurations for each component

Konrad Viessmann, Works Manager, Büschel:

The next machine in which oiling has to be renewed will get a FEINspray system as well.