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Group Management

The Group Management of the Feintool Group comprises the CEO and the CFO. The Group Management defines the binding Group-wide management instruments and holds responsibility for the development of the corporate culture. It is also responsible for developing and periodically reviewing the corporate strategy and for producing and implementing annual projections. The CEO's responsibilities include the management of the company's operations, as well as drawing up requisite remits, directives and guidelines within the framework of the organizational structure approved by the Board of Directors.

The extended Group Management supports the CEO in the operational management. The area directors manage their Units to a great extend autonomously, reporting to the CEO directly.

You can find further information on the members of Group Management and Group Management’s working methods in the Corporate Governance section of our current Annual Report.

Group management

Knut Zimmer (1963,GER)

Chief Executive Officer


Thomas Bögli (1956, CH)

Chief Financial Officer


Extended Group Management

Karin Labhart

Chief Communications Officer

Knut Zimmer

Head of System Parts
Head of System Parts Europe

Markus Schaltegger

Head of Segment Fineblanking Technology

Horst Linzbach

Chief Sales Officer

Marcel Pernici

Head of System Parts Asia

Christoph Trachsler

Head of System Parts USA