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Working at Feintool

At Feintool, we target a continuous development process and do not shy away from scrutinizing existing standards and facts and developing better alternatives. Our corporate culture is characterized by positive interaction as well as mutual respect and openness.

A good start

A successful career starts with a good induction. Our goal is to ensure that every new employee quickly feels comfortable in their new workplace and in their new team, and that they are able to contribute their knowledge and personality. Feintool plans and structures the first few weeks and months of work in detail and with great care to make sure that nothing stands in the way of a successful start.

The new employee can actively shape this phase, ask questions, be inquisitive and freely approach their colleagues. Feintool benefits from new perspectives and uses this opportunity to approach things in a different way and actively implement new ideas in everyday working life.

Talent development/succession planning

We generally try and fill vacant positions with employees from our own ranks. We manage this through consistent succession planning. We provide systematic support for our junior employees and prepare to staff these kinds of positions well in advance. We do not just focus on management levels, but also on other important key positions and talents. This ensures that existing technical know-how stays in the company. At the same time, we place great importance on giving opportunities to become members of middle or top management to employees with deep expertise in their area of specialization, even if they have no previous leadership experience. 

Working conditions

Feintool has 13 locations in five countries on three continents. Every country has its special characteristics and benefits for its employees, such as

  • Staff restaurants Bonus and incentive system for employees
  • Discounts with business partners
  • Gym subscriptions 
  • Health checks
  • Travel fund (Reka) checks
  • Fruit/water
  • Sports clubs and programs
  • Community events