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Toolmaker and Training Instructor, Cincinnati (USA)

From trainee to training instructor

“When I started working at Feintool as a trainee in 2004, I had no idea where my path with the company would take me. Before coming to Feintool, I had worked as an instructor with the US Air Force so I was already used to structured learning. I began the Feintool training program with high expectations and lots of enthusiasm. For four years, I worked full-time and took college classes in the evenings. In retrospect it was a stressful time. But the moment I received my certificate of proficiency as a toolmaker I knew: it was all worth it. During my training I acquired extensive knowledge in fineblanking; I also discovered that a toolmaker’s development never ends because fineblanking technology is continuously evolving.

After several years of professional experience I took on the task of instructing trainees. It was a natural progression for me since I am passionate about motivating and encouraging young people. Right now I’m a coach to seven trainees and three interns in the Feintool program. Being a good mentor to them while simultaneously doing my job as a toolmaker is challenging but knowing that I can take care of my own workload and simultaneously supervise the trainees is incredibly valuable to me.

Feintool strongly supports its employees and that’s precisely what makes it a great employer. Everyone here is easygoing and at the same time committed to doing good work. Everyone here is a team player, which is very important for me. When you need support, there’s always someone there for you. And that’s one of the main reasons that I am excited to come to work every day.”"