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Team Leader Further Processing, Lyss (CH)

Getting ahead at Feintool

“After nine years in packaging I became a team leader in Further Processing. Today I am responsible for the exact sequence of secondary processes as well as for my 15 team members. The challenges we are confronted with every day mean that no day is like another. Nonetheless, our products leave the factory on time every evening, all thanks to our constructive teamwork.

Parts production is for me! That’s why I’ve spent my weekends studying business administration. I want to progress at Feintool and the company supports my ambitions.

But it’s not just the joy I get out of the diverse tasks that motivates me. Feintool is simply right for me across the board. I appreciate the positive working environment. We are friendly with one another, we don’t forget to have fun and in difficult situations I feel supported by both my colleagues and my managers. Knowing that everyone here is giving their very best makes for a relaxed environment and efficient production.”