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Electro laminations for electric motors and drives

Highly efficient electric motors and drives with electro laminations from Feintool boost productivity in countless industries.

Fineblanked and formed parts

Modern engines need to provide more efficiency from smaller cubic capacities. “Engine downsizing” is just one catchphrase that defines this technological trend. Fineblanking and forming processes support and help shape this development. Feintool primarily manufactures components with demanding degrees of deformation. One area of focus is pulleys for driving auxiliary units. Another example is the production of components for vibration-damping systems, which reduce the vibrations of modern, powerful, supercharged engines with a small number of cylinders. This allows the engine speed as well as consumption to be reduced, such as when starting up.

The high quantities of fineblanked sprockets have better mechanical properties and are much cheaper to manufacture compared to sintered components.


Components using electro laminations

Feintool supplies economically manufactured cooling fan modules using electro laminations, which are used for thermomanagement in the motor. The aim here is to achieve maximum cooling performance, low noise, minimum installation space and weight reduction, which reduce CO2 emissions and thus reduce the impact on the environment.

Fineblanked and formed components in engines:

  • Clamps for diesel engine injectors
  • Poly-v pulleys
  • Valve plates for air-conditioning compressors