Fineblanking and forming in the automobile industry

There are up to 200 fineblanked and formed parts in every car. Feintool has attained a globally unique level of expertise by focusing on and specializing in component production for motor vehicles. As a globally active technology and market leader, we are an attractive partner when it comes to implementing relevant trends in the automobile industry.


Modern engines demand greater efficiency in ever-smaller spaces - “Engine downsizing”. Fineblanking and forming processes are also helping to shape this engine evolution.


Fineblanking manages the difficult act of balancing cost-efficiency against not having to make any sacrifices in terms of the function and quality of safety components in cars.

Safety systems

Whether for brake lining plates, support plates or wheel carrier plates – highly effective, premium precision is required in the chassis.


These days, seat adjuster mechanisms consist almost entirely of fineblanked components. Precision in tool and production technology is critical in this area.

Seat mechanisms

New gear boxes are becoming more compact, lighter and more precise. Machined castings are being replaced by lightweight fineblanked and formed components.