Fineblanking and forming for innovative industries

Feintool fineblanking and forming technology is firmly embedded in our everyday lives. It ensures the functionality, safety, comfort and durability of your vehicles, machines, equipment and tools. This is the case wherever there is a need for cost-effective and efficient production methods with maximum quality.

Feintool has reached a globally unique level of expertise by focusing and specializing in component production for motor vehicles.

Automobile industry

Fineblanked sheet metal parts perform numerous functions in a wide range of everyday consumer goods. In drills and garden shears, for example.

Tools and household goods

The combination of fineblanking and forming opens up almost unlimited possibilities in part design, as well as opportunities for use in mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering

Feintool provides fineblanking technology for the production of medical equipment, such as surgical instruments, that you can rely on.

Medical technology

The respective steel, non-ferrous metal, copper and aluminum parts used for the supply of electricity, energy and data are often produced using fineblanking technology.

Electrical engineering